The Malaysia Green Building Council (malaysiaGBC) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, membership-based organisation formalised in April 2009 to lead and guide the local building industry in the direction of sustainable built solutions.

MalaysiaGBC has representation of a diverse range of stakeholders including professionals, professional institutions, academicians, government organisations, developers, contractors, manufacturers, and others related to the building and construction industry.

MalaysiaGBC promotes green building programmes, technologies, design practices, and processes as well as green labels in embracing responsible sustainable measures and other green requirements for environmental, social, and economic benefits.

An established member of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), malaysiaGBC is the only organisation in Malaysia endorsed and supported by WorldGBC.

What Is GreenPagesMalaysia?

GreenPagesMalaysia is an information resource directory for green building products and services. The primary objective of GreenPagesMalaysia is in connecting sustainable building products and services to conscientious clients, developers and building professionals. A user-friendly, online interface will be consistently updated and maintained for the convenience of customer reference. Green building products and services listing will be stringently regulated and screened by the trusted Advisory Board, an independent committee consisting of MalaysiaGBC Board Members, invited professionals and industry experts in their respective fields. The Advisory Board will review and decide on what is suitable to be listed.

As part of our environmental commitment, a hard copy version will be published on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified paper. GreenPagesMalaysia will contain articles, editorials, views and a comprehensive list of green building products and services.

Why GreenPagesMalaysia?

With an emerging global recognition of the importance and urgency for green buildings to be environmentally compliant, MalaysiaGBC, as the lead green building NGO in Malaysia, aspires to establish the building products Eco Label framework for the following reasons:

  • To be reflective/sensitive of Malaysian needs
  • To have specific standards to support the Green Building Index
  • To enable consumers to easily find green building products
  • To encourage suppliers and manufacturers to produce more eco-friendly building products

Who Should Participate?

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors, Facility and Asset Managers, Developers, Contractors, Utilities, Service Providers and others related to the green building industry.

Listing in GreenPagesMalaysia is exclusively for companies offering clear environmentally beneficial services and/or products. GreenPagesMalaysia will be a publisher and not an accreditation body; we will not at this moment verify environmental claims made by the organisations listed against measurable criteria.


Join MalaysiaGBC today and learn more on how you and your business can have a tangible positive impact on the built environment whilst achieving reduced costs and possibly multiple bottom lines. Managing our built environment will inevitably have constructive effects on our beloved Mother Earth.

Membership Applications

Membership application forms can be downloaded at www.mgbc.org.my

For enquiries contact the Secretariat at the designated address below.


ROS: PPM-038-14-17042009
Common Ground Mid Valley (CGMV)
BO 1-C, Level 19, Menara 2
No.3, Jalan Bangsar KL Eco City
59200, Kuala Lumpur

TEL +6 017 851 0700
EMAIL info@mgbc.org.my
WEB www.mgbc.org.my